On the waves of great wines!

The ninth edition of the most exciting wine event in Southeast Europe – SuperWine is being held on Saturday, July 2nd, 2022 in the exclusive Porto Montenegro marina. By just looking at the preliminary list of the wineries-exhibitors, we are going to have the best SuperWine so far.

Considerable interest has been shown by prestigious wineries during the preparations for this year’s SuperWine. By far the most attractive wine program of this year’s SuperWine event will be enriched by a DJ performance, as well as an accompanying gastronomic program.

The registration for the exhibitors lasts until June 15th, and the list of the wineries is already stunning at this stage. Here are just some well-known names from the regional and global wine scene who are coming to SuperWine with their super wines – Monteverdi, Bertani, Jean DurupDAOU Family Estates, Arthur Metz, Kovačević, Masciarelli, TEMET, Keković, Fontanafredda, MASI, Ražnatović, Đukić, 13. Jul Plantaže, Bikicki, Henkell x Freixenet, Jungić, PASQUA, 100 ženaMonterosso, Tikveš, Agrolaguna and many others.

We have left the biggest wine surprises for the very end for our audience. The complete list of the participants will be published 7 days before the start of the SuperWine 9.0 festival at the www.superwine.rs.

The tickets for SuperWine 9.0 will be available on site on the day of the event for € 40, as well as pre-sale on the Wine Drop Club app for € 35.

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