SuperWine 5.0: Wine prestige chronicle

The fifth edition of the SuperWine event was held at the pool of the Porto Monetenegro Yachting Club last weekend once again confirming its reputation of the most attractive wine event in the region. 

This year, SuperWine Salon has hosted more than twenty prestigious European wine houses along with selected esteemed regional wineries. Following suit from previous years, apart from renowned wineries such as Bertani, Movia, Jean Durup, Piper Heidsieck and wineries from Montenegro, visitors were particularly interested in wineries from Serbia – KovačevićWinery Zvonko BogdanLastar and Jeremić.Lepa Couture and Misahara jewelery fashion show has demonstrated once again that high fashion and wine form a perfect match. Together with high quality DJ performances and gastro zones offering Montenegrin delicacies, these side programs have contributed to SuperWine’s reputation of a truly unique wine spectacle.


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