Spectacular End to the SuperWine 3.0 Wine Salon


The breathtaking exhibitors list, the attractive DJ performances, as well as the fantastic artistic and culinary performances marked SuperWine 3.0, held at PMYC Lido Pool in Porto Montenegro. Once again, this unique two-day wine spectacle, which took place at one of the most attractive Adriatic locations, has “raised the bar” and set a difficult task for the organizers of SuperWine 4.0. On the whole, the exhibitions of over thirty selected wineries, including Movia, Arnaldo Caprala, Chateau Kamnik, Caparzo, Masi, Kozlović, Vukoje, Hugel & Fils, the attractive DJ session by Sonja Pavlica, as well as the culinary masterpieces by chefs at the Kod kapetana and the Ribarsko selo restaurants are the best indicators of why SuperWine is the most exclusive wine event in this part of Europe.

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