SuperWine 4.0: Home to Wine Elegance!


SuperWine 4.0 will be held in elite complex Porto Montenegro Yacht Club Pool, Tivat, in Montenegro, on July 1st and 2nd.  SuperWine is driven by the vision to present world’s most prestigious wineries to esteemed guests at this luxury venue. Therefore, we aim to send invitations to carefully selected wineries. This year, again, SuperWine 4.0 will gather some of the most renowned European wineries in the luxurious marina of Porto Montenegro. Being a crossover between a wine party and a wine tasting event, SuperWine has had the opportunity to present prestigious wineries such as Moët&Chandon, Arnaldo Caprai,  Antinori, Movia, Armand de Brignac, Kozlovic, Bastianich, Nino Franco, Santa Margherita, etc. to its special guests. With its attractive side events, SuperWine 4.0 is expecting its list of guests to expand even further this year.

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